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New Yorker Band Snarky Puppy Performs Tonight in Rio's Lapa
New Yorker Band Snarky Puppy Performs Tonight in Rio's Lapa avatar

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By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Tonight, December 15th, Circo Voador, in Lapa, promotes the show of Snarky Puppy, renowned group from Brooklyn, New York. After two years, the band returns to Rio to participate in the “Jazz We Can” project, aimed at promoting the jazz culture in the city.

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Nine of the 25 Snarky Puppy members will perform tonight at Circo Voador, presenting the most original fusion of jazz, hip hop, rock, soul, blues and even Brazilian forró, photo internet recreation.

Having first started as a students’ band from the University of North Texas’ Jazz Studies program, in 2003, Snarky Puppy has become one of the most original instrumental music groups from the present day. Because of its strong musical personality, which embraces the most diverse rhythmic references, Snarky stands out as an authentic project that goes way beyond the “jazz” label.

Today, the musical collective is composed of 25 members, including artists from Japan, Argentina, Canada, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. The cosmopolitan, multicultural spirit has been one of Snarky’s most essential features for a long time: its most recent album, “Culcha Vulcha”, pays homage to Brazilian musicians Carlos Malta and Bernardo Aguiar with the track “Semente”.

According to Michael League, Snarky’s leader and bassist, the name alludes to Bar Semente, in Lapa, where, in 2015, the performance of the above mentioned musicians absolutely fascinated him. Besides the influence of Brazilian music, the group is also inspired by genres like funk, hip hop, soul, rock and blues.

Winner of three Grammy awards (Best R&B Performance in 2014, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in 2016 and 2017), Snarky and its 25 members perform in a system of regular rotation. Tonight, December 15th, the audience of Circo Voador will prestige the talent of nine of its musicians.

The house opens at 8PM with the show of renowned Carlos Malta and Pandeiro Repique Duo, composed of instrumentalists Bernardo Aguiar and Gabriel Policarpo.

After Rio de Janeiro, Snarky Puppy performs in São Paulo, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

What:Snarky Puppy
When: Tonight, December 17th – starting from 8PM
Where: Circo Voador – Rua dos Arcos, s/n – Lapa
Entrance: R$120 – R$240

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