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One of the best events of the year will happen at the Grand Opera House in January
One of the best events of the year will happen at the Grand Opera House in January avatar

Make your Motion!

The holidays are all but over (Saturday is the official 12th day of the 12 days of Christmas), and 2018’s First Friday is upon us, getting the New Year off to an artistic start with an exhibition by Dennis Applebee.

Just down the street from the Macon Arts Alliance, First Friday will be celebrated at The 567 Center with Heather McLaurin’s “Hazy Forms” (painting with smoke). Later in the month, Wesleyan College will present “Seizing Life,” a memorial exhibition of the photography of Fernando La Rosa.

Theater will be sparse until February, but we are not totally bereft, thanks to Gram Slaton and the Broadway series at the Grand Opera House. “The Sound of Music” rolls into Macon for performances Jan. 21-22. After the hills come alive, we won’t hear the sound of theater again until February, when Macon Little Theatre opens “Beau Jest” and Theatre Macon opens “Company.”

But that’s not to say the stage at the Grand will be vacant. One of the red letter events of the year will take place Jan. 15, when Mercer University presents “Elegy for Martin Luther King,” combining dance, music and spoken word and including an original jazz composition by Christopher Schmitz. On the program are Central High School’s Michael Scott, the Mercer Jazz Ensemble and the Hayiya Dance Theatre.

Icing the January cake is “The Opera House,” the story of the Metropolitan Opera, coming Jan. 13 to the Douglass Theatre.

Support Historic Macon Foundation

It’s hard to imagine what Macon did without the Historic Macon Foundation. In fact, some of us know full well: we tore down historic structures without regard for their intrinsic value or potential worth to our tourist industry.

The Historic Macon Foundation’s winter newsletter, “Revitalizing,” makes for fascinating reading. If you haven’t seen a copy, I urge you to drop by the group’s new headquarters at 338 Poplar Street. While you’re there, write a check and join the movement. The Historic Macon Foundation is one of a handful of organizations that are transforming our city. Though their advocacy work, it’s not hyperbole to say these folks are changing the world.

One of the things the Historic Macon Foundation is on the lookout for is ideas. I’d suggest a major exhibit on Macon during the Civil Rights era, focusing especially on Macon’s response to the school desegregation mandate and the subsequent effects on the economic viability of the city.

Music ahead?

Although it has been less than three months since the Macon Symphony Orchestra’s farewell concert, already there have been overtures (pardon the pun) from other orchestras seeking to add a Macon concert to their season. The offer from the Georgia Symphony Orchestra (based in Marietta) has prompted the formation of a committee to work on a May 13 concert, “Mozart for Mom.” The word is that the season could expand to include youth programs.

The music-loving community can do its part by supporting this promising effort. The Georgia Symphony Orchestra may not be the Macon Symphony Orchestra, but the well-known Serenity Prayer reminds us to accept the things we cannot change and have the courage to change the things we can.

While we can never undo the Macon Symphony Orchestra’s decision to vanish without an appeal to the community for help, we can seize upon this new opportunity with enthusiasm. Stay tuned for news of this new development.

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