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Review board clears Pratt Fine Arts Center early design
Review board clears Pratt Fine Arts Center early design avatar

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Plans for a new mixed-used development that expands the Pratt Fine Arts Center campus in the Central Area cleared an early design guidance meeting on Wednesday, but architects will need to fill in some holes for the review board when it returns for final approval.

Pratt and Daniels Real Estate have partnered to share ownership and occupancy of a six-story L-shaped building that will include Pratt classrooms, offices and arts space on the ground floor and five levels of residential units at 1900 S. Jackson St.

While there are no plans to offer low-income housing among the 140-160 apartment units planned for construction, DRE senior vice president Alan Cornell told the East Design Review Board there are several features of the development that will benefit the public.

Board members wanted to see the proposed structure in the context of the greater Pratt campus, in order to determine how they connected.

Pratt’s one-story “Yellow Building” is staying on the northeast corner of the site, and will be wrapped by a public courtyard. The structure is being reconstructed into a glass studio.

EDRB chair Curtis Bigelow said he wants to know what the glass studio will ultimately look like.

“It’s the other half of the courtyard,” he said. “I don’t think we can evaluate this project any further without that information.”

Gladys Ly-Au Young with Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects said that project is being handled by another architecture firm, but they would plan on providing that design during a future recommendation meeting.

Pratt Yard is designed to include sculptural concrete seating, vehicular-rated surfacing and a stormwater garden and planters. It will also be used to display student art and for art-making.

Bigelow argued Pratt Yard seemed less like a connection to Pratt Park to the north and more like a connection to a parking lot. Ly-Au Young said the courtyard will actually connect to another Pratt structure across South Main Street, which has the potential of being designated a festival street.

Board members questioned the covered Arts Alley connection from South Jackson Street to Pratt Yard, asking that architects make it feel more expressed. EDRB member Barbara Busetti said she wanted it to feel more like an alley.

South Jackson will be the most prominent side of the project, and board members wanted to see more entry points. Retail spaces are planned on the east and west corners, totaling 2,700 square feet.

The EDRB questioned a proposal to have a highly transparent printmaking studio facing South Jackson, as board members worried about keeping the area activated at all times. Rick Sundberg with SKL Architects said printmaking will occur up until 10 p.m. most days, and also be accessible at other times for various uses.

EDRB member Andrew Haas commented on four residential units planned on the ground floor at 19th Avenue South, saying he’d like to see them treated more like townhouses, elevated from the sidewalk somehow.

That was one concern brought up by Tova Cubert, speaking as vice chair for the Central Area Land Use Review Committee. She said CALURC has been visited by the developer and architects several times, and it generally supports the project. While the committee would like to see affordable housing in the development, Cubert said it acknowledges the public benefits Pratt Fine Arts provides.

Pratt will have 13,936 square feet of dedicated space for offices, instruction art studios, gallery space, drawing/printing and flexible space. One below-grade level of parking with 100 stalls and entry at 19th Avenue South is also proposed.

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