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Tourism in the 2020s – will it delight or devastate the human race?

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Published on Monday, February 24, 2020

New book starts at the beginning and predicts the next 60 years of tourism.

In 1960 did we believe that an international travel industry would increase from just 25 million passengers a year to 1.5 billion?

Did we believe that the economic opportunities promoted by dictator Franco's government would sweep the world, promoted by the World Bank?

Did we believe that travel would become both a friend and a foe to many destinations and that it would help to threaten our Earth's ecosystems, cultures, economies, society as a whole?

If we didn't believe all that then, what do we believe now?

You Lucky People sets out the past, the present and a future for tourism – all very irreverently!

Could global tourism be totally subject to Chinese demands, could it become entirely virtual, could it be so hampered by world disturbances, diseases, violence in destinations and other curses that it could change its nature dramatically. Could it actually be stopped because of its environmental and social damage?

Or … could it be managed harmoniously and effectively by local destinations and marketed by really responsible business entrepreneurs so that its great benefits could be available to many more millions?

The author, Valère Tjolle, has been in the travel industry for almost all of these last 60 years. His story is that of real experience in the industry all over the world, and in-depth understandings and involvements with all the innovations and transformations over that period.

It was his annual Sustainable Tourism Report that pointed to the growth potential of the 'Sharing Economy' and tipped every other major development; his Greenwash Report that rated companies and activities according to their actual sustainability performance; his Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations that picked out the real destination winners

From the 'Mom and Pop' businesses of the 50s through the devil-may-care entrepreneurs of the last decades of the 20th century to the massively powerful tech businesses of today – the real story of the travel industry is pithily portrayed with humour and realism.

'You Lucky People' is not an academic history of the industry – it is a warts-and-all story of a deep insider's experience at the heart of the industry.

Come for the ride! See it here at Amazon

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