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What’s on TV: Sunday, August 18

Make your Motion!

The Block

Nine, 7pm

The contestants on the last season of The Block were inarguably the nicest ever, but some of this year's cohort give them a run for their money. Both the "Bondi grandads" and Andy and Deb are people you really want to get to know, which makes watching them succeed all the more satisfying. The Sunday night episodes this year don't offer the same extensive recaps as in previous seasons, and that's not a bad thing. You certainly get enough backstory to put you in the picture, and it leaves room for more important stuff. Like the rush to finish the room (this week, the formal lounge), the fun of the judging (which also offers some genuinely illuminating comments), the Cinderella reveals – and, of course, the all-important winner.

The Block 2019.Credit:Nine Entertainment

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