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Woman transforms body by shedding 3st in five months – without going to the gym
Woman transforms body by shedding 3st in five months – without going to the gym avatar

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A woman has opened up about her weight loss journey after shedding 3st without joining the gym.

In November 2017, Angel Bowyer weighed 11st 4lbs but was motivated to shed a few pounds by a friend who was a personal trainer.

The businesswoman, from Sydney, Australia, gorged on McDonald's and KFC every day before she kick-started her transformation.

Now in just five months, the 22-year-old proved that it's possible to slim down in such a short time without going to the gym.

Instead she worked out in her backyard or at the park in a bid to shed a few pounds.

Then by April 2018, Angel reached her goal of 7st where she now fits into a size 6.

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She says her life has changed since she lost weight (Image: @angelmaybowyer/Instagram)
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She told FEMAIL : "I started incorporating a lot of high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions into my week.

"I did four HIIT workouts and three strength sessions each week without even being signed up to a gym – I was too shy to join.

"HIIT changed my life – the high intensity workouts became super addictive and I love to sweat."

When others asked Angel how she lost weight, the business owner would say "HIIT, protein and salad".

Since gaining confidence, Angel has joined a gym to maintain her physique (Image: @angelmaybowyer/Instagram)
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Also to help her shed pounds, Angel swapped her junk food diet for delicious fruit, vegetables and high protein to build strength.

Since reaching her fitness goal, she claims her life has changed "drastically".

She added: "In all aspects, both mentally and physically, I feel like I am super motivated when I see results in what I've achieved.

"My day consists of being active compared to when I was always stuck on my laptop watching Netflix."

The businesswoman credits her weight loss to HIIT (Image: @angelmaybowyer/Instagram)

After transforming her look and gaining confidence, Angel has joined a gym to help maintain her toned physique.

She boasts 105,000 followers on her Instagram page where she shares her fitness workouts and tips.

Now giving advice to others, she said: "If you're too hard on yourself, there is a bigger change that you will fail and be discouraged.

"If you feel like eating some of that cake, have a few bites! It won't hurt and you will save yourself from going nuts later."

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